Hi, I'm Annie!

Just a gal living in the outdoors mecca that is Denver, Colorado.  I am not very good at anything but that doesn’t keep me from trying.  I have gone on a lot of cool trips around Colorado, the U.S., and the world and I would like to share the knowledge I have gained from the sometimes painful and often euphoric experiences I have had winging it on such trips.  I would also like to make a record of the things I do because, well, my memory just isn’t great guys. I better start writing down the things I have learned now.

I also would like to map a different type of adventure here, one much less patently “fun.”  Money! Because gear/gas/travel=$$$$$. My pop is a bad-ass money manager and he is doing his best to pound fiscal responsibility into this mushy brain.  I am doing my best and have found some pretty sweet ways to save much more than *~the average millenial~* (aka that person everyone talks about and hates on… aka us?).  Now those savings are starting to turn into regular investments and this nerd could not be more excited to see what this annual return business is all about.  I am a stalker of the personal finance community (outdoors peeps, it’s intense FIRE) and have gathered some excellent nuggets of info that are available in approximately 16020 other places on the internet.  But hey, as aforementioned, if I don’t write this stuff down, I will forget it.

Here you will find detailed trip reports, gear reviews, packing lists, safety first warnings, and some money speak.  I might even talk about backcountry hygiene, cute clothes, and moisturizers so watch out macho men! This blog wont fit into a patriarchal box or adhere to any standards of successful blogging!


P.S. I am also a lawyer which means that my fingers would bleed if I did not tell you that I am not a guide, expert, or in any way qualified to give outdoors, financial, or skin moistness advice so don’t try to hold me liable for when you pack the wrong hair-care things for a river trip per my suggestion.