Hi, I'm annie

A Colorado gal on a mission to find out: Can you do both?

Can you live a wild and carefree life filled with adventures in deep damp Utah canyons and slow smiling Mexico waves and not be sacrificing your future for your now? Can you live a life you love while also being fiscally responsible and on a path to financial independence?

Can you wander wide and far with only a tent to call home while also having your financial house in order?

Let’s see shall we. Here I will track both my adventures, which will hopefully be useful for other wandering souls, and my financial journey, which will also hopefully be useful. Brent and I are on a mission to have 1 million in net worth by the time I am 40 while not sacrificing our quality of life. The wilderness must be explored, the money must be saved.

P.S. I am a lawyer which means that my fingers would bleed if I did not tell you that I am not a guide, expert, or in any way qualified to give outdoors, financial, or skin moistness advice so don’t try to hold me liable for when you pack the wrong hair-care things for a river trip per my suggestion. I also have an amazon affiliate account so some of the links on this website are affiliate links.