Frugal Friday: Is Ebates a Scam???

Okay ya'll I have to write this because I got an ebates check in the mail the other week and my roommate asked what it was.  I told her it was my ebates money and she had NO IDEA what I was talking about. What! People of the internet- if you shop online (so yes you) you need to be using ebates. I signed up for ebates about two years ago and was slightly concerned that I was about to have my identity stolen. Nope. All quiet on the western front.

So here's the thing.  You know when you swipe up on an instagram story or follow a link on a bloggers website? They make money via affiliate linking.  That link you clicked has cookies from their website and they get "credit" for your purchase a.k.a. they get a percentage of your purchase price kicked back to them.  Ebates does the same thing, they are an affiliate linking company but instead of keeping the entirety of the percentage for themselves, the split it with you! That's how you earn cash back on your purchases. 


So here's where you have to do a little bit of work. You sign up for your account here and give them your name and email address.  That could be your only step, but if you want to make it easy for yourself, you just install Ebates into your toolbar (you'll see the option to do so on your ebates home screen). Once you do this, anytime you on a website that offers ebates cash back, a little button will pop up. It looks like this: 


You just click that button and BOOM WHALA BAM you are on your way to sweet sweet cash back.  Each store offers a different amount of cash back, so you can get strategic with it.  If you are looking to make  a big purchase that you can make at multiple retailers, head on over to your ebates home page and see who is offering the most cash back- I just got $40 back from a transaction using this tactic! If you don't install the toolbar, that little button wont pop up to remind you to use ebates.  To get the cash back, you'll have to start on the ebates page and click the retailer from there so the cookies can follow you.  (Hiiiiighhhly recommend the toolbar add in because it costs you nothing and reminds you to save money!)

Every time your balance reaches around $25 they send you your "big fat check" which is super fun! They literally call it the big fat check and you have money!  To start off with some sweet mulah, if you use this link to sign up for ebates, you will get $10 credited to your account!

Ultimately, if you aren't using ebates, you are throwing money away.  I have now received over $80 for literally doing nothing.  That's my kind of money.  In sum, ebates is not a scam and you can be your own blogger!