I Review: Outdoor Research Women's Ferrosi Pants


WHAT? An outdoor pant that comes in LONG??? This is a dream come true for us awkwardly tall ladies who are forever sufferers of cold ankles. The Outdoor Research Women’s Ferrosi Pant promises to be your “everything” pant and be long enough for the tall among us. Do they deliver? Unpopular opinion: No.

These pants are Award Winning according to their website and have excellent reviews. If you plan on using these pants to hike in moderate temps (or even hot temps) and are not over 5’9” you will like them. However, they were not a win for me.


Here is what OR says about them: “The ideal everything soft shell pants: lightweight, rugged, wind resistant and highly breathable with ample stretch and full coverage for smooth movement when scrambling and climbing.” They retail for $79.

I found that these pants are definitely lightweight, breathable and stretchy. My favorite part of these pants is that the waistband, however, does not stretch. So even after hours of sweating in them with a heavy backpack tight around your hips, they aren’t falling down. That is a huge win.

However, they are honestly too breathable. When I bought these pants last summer they were really being billed as an alpine climbing option and they claim to be wind resistant. Alpine climbs are almost always cold and windy- I froze my little buns off this weekend climbing at 13,000 feet in these pants. Most of the climb was in the shade and whenever the wind picked up even a little I felt like my bottom half was completely naked. It was like having one of those dreams except instead of being pantless in a classroom I was 4 pitches up a granite wall shivering so hard my anchor was shaking. These pants offer 0 warmth. So don’t take them into the alpine.

My other main issue with these pantalones is the lack of durability. OR claims that they are both lightweight and rugged- they only deliver on half of that. These pants are insanely comfortable but wore out super quick. Because of how thin/cold they are I haven’t worn them often, only 3 times. Twice on an alpine climb. These pants have absolutely fallen apart. The back pocket seams are completely busted out from carrying my phone for just a few hours.


Another casualty, the butt is riddled with holes. Granted, I am known to butt scoot on scary down climbs, but I have had much cheaper pants hold up better than these. NOT rugged.


Another annoying thing about these pants is that the pockets are tiny. These are climbing pants, we need to carry things. Give us pockets dammit!!

Perhaps the most devastating aspect of these “long” pants is how short they are on me. I mean, I’m tall at 5’11” but hardly tall enough to be so giant that a pant billed as long should look like this on me:


I love OR because they stand behind their products with a lifetime guarantee, I plan on reaching out and asking for a refund or a different pair of pants to replace these. I will update this post with how that goes.