The Ten Essentials

If you are going into the backcountry, this is what you need to take.  Best practice, take it all, every time. This list has evolved over the years and you will see different iterations with different numbers but these are the survival essentials as taught to me by Poppa Lawson. 

  1. Map of the area
  2. Compass (or GPS if you fancyyy)
  3. Sunglasses and sunscreen
  4. Extra layers of clothing (good idea to also have a space blanket to make a shelter)
  5. Headlamp
  6. First-aid basics
  7. Fire starter and waterproof matches (I have a candle in my 10 essentials but I am sure there are fancier things) 
  8. Way to purify water (I use iodine tablets for my emergency kit, if I know I'm going to need to filter water I bring my filter)
  9. Knife and cord and duct tape (Okay that's 3 but I think all in the same realm, don't bring a roll of duct tape, wrap some around a pencil and take that mini roll)
  10. Extra food and water (nutrient dense food, not an apple and diet coke)

These are the things that will keep you alive if you find yourself lucky enough to be in a forced overnight outside situation. Stay safe friends, but most importantly don't forget your BBQ Grill! 

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