All the thumbs up

These are almost as good as mountains


Personal CapitalYou can't be financially savvy if you don't know where your money is going.  I use Personal Capital to track my income and expenses and it's the bomb (way better then Mint in my opinion).  It makes all kinds of cool charts and graphs for you.  Even better, when you sign up using my link - they will give each of us $20! 

Wag: If you are looking for a side hustle and like dogs, you should definitely apply to be a dog walker on the Wag app! I love it.  On the other hand, if you want to be a good dog owner and aren't able to get home for that mid-day walk, you can save $25 on the Wag app with this code: ANNIE39266

EbatesIf you're like me, you do a lot of online shopping.  If your like me you are also inherently suspicious of anyone offering you free money on the Internet.  Ebates gives you a % cash back at certain online retailers (I think essentially you get a cut of their affiliate cut).  IT WORKS.  This is embarrassing but I've had an Ebate account for less than 2 years and have been sent over $100 so far- for literally doing nothing other than setting up an account to install the toolbar in the computer and pressing a button when I make an online purchase.  It's even better for you because you can get $10 pretty much right off the bat if you use this link to sign up!


Airbnb: Really, if you're still booking hotels you need to start back in elementary school.  Airbnb is the best for feeling at home while traveling! 


Mountaineering: Freedom of the HillsThis is THE mountaineering book. I have had it for years and am no where near absorbing all of its vast amounts of knowledge.  It literally has all the things you need to know about being in the alpine and I think it is a must read for everyone who spends time in the mountains.  

AIAREIf you are spending time in the mountains in the winter (not in a ski resort) you need to take your AIARE 1 course (American Institute for Avalanche Research an Education).  The good news is it is tons of fun! 

Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training: This book by Mark Rippetoe is the Bible of strength training.  It teaches you how to do all power lifting movements from the ground up and seriously taught me more about the human body than the anatomy class I didn't take in college.  If you are looking to build a base of knowledge for a lifetime of fitness, this book is all you need.