Where to Stay in Siargao

The Philippines are hot, so hot right now. Maybe it’s one of those things where once you know about something, you start noticing everywhere but it was already there? I don’t know but I swear I see an instagram post of Naked Island every day.

(p.s. don’t google “naked island” for an image, you won’t get what you are looking for)

So here’s me and Brent on Naked Island!


With a coconut? This is a small island that has no trees or anything else, just sand. Pretty cool drone shot, but when you are just a couple of dweebs with a coconut it looks like a normal beach. This was a part of our 3 Island Hopping Tour which was pretty cool. I’ll cover what to do on the Island of Siargao in another post, for now we are going to chat about where to stay.

General Luna

General Luna is the main tourist town on Siargao and that’s where you will spend most of your time.


See General Luna down in the right hand corner? That’s the spot. You will fly into Del Carmen and then get a ride to General Luna. They will tell you in the gates of the airport that you HAVE TO take on the expensive vans to General Luna and there is no other option. Just walk outside the fence and you will see all the friendly motorbike/scooter options. If you have big backpacks or actual suitcases, it might be better to just pay for the vans. It’s about a 40 minute drive and the vans aren’t that expensive, but definitely more than the bike options.


The two main hot spots to stay are the strip in General Luna or at Cloud Nine. We stayed on the strip for 2 nights and it was super convenient and fun, but more expensive than the next place we stayed which I will explain below. Here is the strip area, you can see there are a ton of Airbnbs available along tourism road which is where the main resorts and restaurants are:


We didn’t spend a ton of time up on the Cloud Nine peninsula because the surf there was lousy while we were visiting. Pretty much anywhere between General Luna and Cloud Nine there are tons of great options for place to stay where you will be in the thick of things.

Post smoothie bowl swing session outside of Shaka Shack at Cloud Nine - you can see the surf pier.

Post smoothie bowl swing session outside of Shaka Shack at Cloud Nine - you can see the surf pier.

We stayed at “Villa Pagoda 1” for the first few nights on the island and it was lovely. Nice room, right on the beach, in the heart of the tourist strip. It is about $60/night which is typical for rooms in this area. They did not offer breakfast or any place to cook meals though, so I do not recommend this one to the budget traveler. But the location could not be beat- steps away from the best food and lots of doggos on your beach to play with!


The second spot we stayed for the rest of our week on the island was further away from the main strip, but closer to where we would surf most of the time at secret spot and G1 (these were my favorite breaks- happy friendly slow waves and the reef wasn’t too sketchy).


The second spot, Surfing Carabao, was about a 7-10 minute scooter ride from town so you will definitely want to rent a scooter for multiple days if you plan on staying a little off the beaten path.
This place was unbelievably beautiful and affordable. It had an outdoor kitchen where you could cook meals and included pancakes and eggs you could make yourself for breakfast. It had a very upscale hostel feel - if you are going to be on the island for more than a few days, this place is perfect.


Looking at the listing now, it looks like the prices have gone up. That could be due to the season being busier or that it was more new and didn’t have a lot of reviews when we stayed. We paid about $30/night to have our own little beachfront bungalow. By little I mean a large room with a huge porch and giant bathroom. Now it is listed at $68/night which seems reasonable still for what you get. This is right outside your bungalow:


This location feels very private and the beaches are amazing. The owners of this spot have set it up so well with hammocks and chairs in the trees by the water. I could spend A LOT of time here. You have to go down a private road to get there that only this resort and another super fancy resort are on so it feels very exclusive and peaceful. Brent made sure to ruin the peace ;)


My bestie Brit visited Siargao before we did and gave us great beta on what to do and where to stay. She recommended staying in the Greenhouse which is one of the hostels she stayed at, but it was totally booked by the time I went to look so you know it must be good. Greenhouse is in between General Luna and Cloud Nine and looks like a full service resort so you can book activities through your resort. If you want to be super unstressed, this is probably a great option for you.

There is supposed to be good (big) surf up in Santa Monica on the north point of the island so if that is what you are chasing definitely look into staying up there a night or two. It takes about 2 hours to scooter across the island.

Look forward to the next post of what to do in Siargao!